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New Energy Assets



New Energy Assets


Smart. Profitable. Sustainable.

Solar investments.

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What We Do

What We Do


Harvest the sun.

New Energy Assets (NEA) helps Northern California commercial, agricultural, industrial and multifamily property owners invest in solar power systems to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns. We ensure solar systems (and corresponding investments):

  • Are optimally sized to maximize utility bill credits
  • Feature tier-one equipment backed by industry-leading warranties
  • Are installed and warrantied by credible, reliable contractors
  • Are priced competitively
  • Are structured – financing and ownership – to optimize investment returns
  • Adhere to all regulatory and utility requirements
  • Are installed on-time, on-budget, as-specified

Through a turnkey project development process, NEA makes solar simple, affordable, dependable and profitable for business and property owners. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Analyze your current energy use and costs, property characteristics, and PG&E rate tariffs to determine if solar is feasible.
  2. Determine the optimal size of your solar generation system to maximize utility rate savings and investment returns.
  3. Create a competitive market: Engage qualified solar contractors to submit design-build bids.
  4. Evaluate and source project financing (debt, equity, PACE, etc.).
  5. Based on owner objectives and input from the qualified contractor, provide a recommendation – system size, location, installation contractor, system cost, project financing, and financial pro formas – for an optimal system, with top-tier equipment, installed at the best price, and generating the greatest financial returns.
  6. Manage the design, engineering, permitting, installation and utility interconnection process.
  7. Monitor your solar system's performance and utility savings.

Why We Exist

Why We Exist


Sunlight is a terrible thing to waste.

We believe generating clean power from an infinite resource, the sun, trumps purchasing utility electricity produced using natural resources (coal, natural gas, etc.). It’s the right thing to do.

 We believe utility rates will continue to increase, while the cost of solar decreases (and the cost of the sun remains constant: it’s free). It’s the smart thing to do.

And we believe investing in solar generates attractive, predictable returns, while hedging your risk of increasing utility rates. It’s the economical thing to do.

Property and business owners in Northern California have two choices:

  1. Stay the course: Purchase increasingly expensive electricity from their utility.
  2. Invest in solar: Generate predictable, attractive investment returns; hedge against future utility rate increases.

And, three market forces have converged to increase the viability of investing in solar:

  1. Ever-increasing utility rates.
  2. Significant reductions in the cost of solar systems.
  3. Availability of solar tax credits, rebates and project financing.

Ultimately, New Energy Assets exists because there has never been a better time to invest in solar and harvest the power of the sun.





Managing Partners

New Energy Assets was founded and is directed by Chris Soderquist and John Walter. We collaborate with leading solar companies -- product manufacturers, installation contractors, designers and engineers -- and financial institutions to reduce the cost and enhance the quality of solar for commercial, agricultural, industrial and multi-family property owners.


Chris Soderquist

Chris has 25 years experience founding, managing, advising, capitalizing and selling companies in the clean tech, high tech, professional services and private equity industries. Chris is a member of the Cool Davis Council of Advisors, a Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy board member, a City of Davis Community Choice Energy Advisory Committee member, a Davis Roots mentor, and a former board member of Sierra Energy, Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance, UC Davis Connect, Comstock’s Business Magazine, and the UC Davis Graduate School of Management Alumni Association. He earned a BS from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and an MBA from UC Davis. Chris and his wife, Karen, have two sons, Scott (17) and Ty (14), who keep them busy playing water polo, soccer and baseball, and performing in theatre.


John Walter

John manages engineering and operations for NEA, ensuring property owners’ solar systems are installed on time, on budget, and as specified. He is a board member (and past president) of the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy, and an adjunct faculty member, teaching sustainable business practices, at UC Davis. Prior to co-founding NEA, John worked with Octus Energy, Itron, Isaacson Miller, The MarketTech Group, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and Chevron. John earned three degrees (BS, MS and Degree of Engineer) from Stanford University and an MBA from UC Davis. John and his wife, Debby, have called Davis home for 25 years; their daughter, Kristy, graduated from Davis High School in 2007. 




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New Energy Assets is located in Downtown Davis. Our office is the first commercial zero net-energy building in our community. 

909 Fifth Street

Davis, California 95616


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